We prepare deeds and record for clients – typically when property is transferred without using a real estate broker.

 Leases (Residential and Commercial)

We prepare residential and commercial leases and riders for clients.  We also assist clients in understanding their rights as landlords or tenants under applicable law.

 Deeds of Trust

When real property is used to secure debt, we prepare and record deeds of trust for clients so that their security interest in properly reflected in the real property records.  We are available to serve as trustee under to deed of trust, in case of foreclosure.


We assist clients in perfecting and enforcing mechanics liens and other statutory liens against real property.


We help protects clients’ rights when they are threatened with foreclosure under liens or deeds of trust.  We also assist lien holders and beneficiaries under deeds of trust to foreclose upon their interests.

 Homeowner Associations: Formation, Legal Compliance, Liens, Disputes

Homeowners associations are subject to a number of laws and regulations that affect their operations and relationships with homeowners.  We assist clients in the formation of homeowners associations, complying with all applicable legal requirements, perfecting and enforcing liens against units by foreclosure, and dealing with problem unit owners.