To most businesses, brand names and market identities are important and valuable assets of the business. These assets can be protected by federal trademark and service mark registrations. We assist clients in registering their marks, and in filing required follow-up documents.

Copyrights grant authors and other creators certain exclusive rights in their works for a certain period of time. We assist clients in obtaining protection of federal copyright laws, and in filing their works with the Library of Congress, if desired.

A patent grants to an inventor the right to prevent others from using the relevant invention for a certain period of time. While we do not file and prosecute patents ourselves, we assist clients in dealing with specialized patent lawyers.

Trade Names
We assist clients in filing trade names with appropriate governmental offices.

Trade Secrets and Confidential Information
We assist clients in protecting their trade secrets and other confidential information.

All type of intellectual property can be licensed to others. A license does not transfer ownership of the intellectual property. Rather, a license grants limited permission to the licensee to use the relevant intellectual property. We prepare license agreements for all types of intellectual property.

Rob Vinson provides extensive types of franchise representation through his separate law practice at Vinson Franchise Law Firm,